Variegated Varieties BELOW

There are some varieties that I have many of and others I have very few and consequently they would be more costly. Some variegated varieties (**) require special growing conditions to show the variegation well.

Chiyodazuru $60 (very few)
Nanzannishiki $40-60 and $120 (price reflect size and height)
Toyonishiki * none for sale at this time
Zuikonoshiki $30-75
Zuikolutino $40-75
Hinode $30-50
Heiseinishiki *$38-$75
Ayanishiki none for sale at this time
Kobannishiki **$50
Kodarumanishiki none for sale

GREEN VARIETIES BELOW These marked # are large plants and I may not have very small ones to offer at this time but I am working on it.

Tenzan # $40 none for sale till late summer or fall months (makes a huge plant with only 2 leafets per leaf) my plants are so large I cannot ship them, will have to grow more to get smaller plants to sell.
Daruma $40
Kodaruma $40
Koban $20-40 very large wide leaflets (both small and large varieties)
Fukuju $25 (2-3 leaflets max) this variety is always a small plant
Kinshi $25
Nanahowden # $60 (large drooping leaves, with distinctive dull not shiny surface)

Pinwheel (US variety, of excelsa) $75 (folded thin leaflets, very distinctive, full size Rhapis not a small variety)


Feel free to email me and ask about any of the above plants. From time to time I divide larger plants and have divisions for sale.